Best Boardgames for Lockdown

Level 4 has hit Aotearoa again. Whaanau are keeping safe in their homes except for those brave essential workers who risk their own health and safety for our well-being. Our bubble this time around has an 18-month-old mokopuna (grandchild), he was six weeks old at the beginning of last year’s lockdown.

Two years ago, David and I were questioning whether we should be staying in our home. Two adults in a 3 bedroom home seemed very wasteful when there is such a shortage of homes at the moment. Now we are five adults and one preschooler in one house and one cabin. I feel so blessed!

Another reason to feel blessed is that we all love board games. As our moko is fascinated by the game components, playing when he is awake is not a wise option. Most night’s unless our son (an essential worker) has an early morning we play games.

We have played Carnival of Monsters, Magic Maze and King of Tokyo Dark Edition in the last few nights. We have also played Insider and Werewords when we are wanting shorter, more social games.

What games are you managing to play while staying safe at home?

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David and Helen