Arkham Horror: The Card Game – The Forgotten Age (Expansion) (Damaged Copy)


PLEASE NOTE: This game arrived with box damage – see Gallery Images.

The Forgotten Age is the third deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Here, your team of investigators embark on a scientific expedition to the rain-forests of Southern Mexico in two new scenarios, each of which can be played as a standalone adventure or can act as the beginning of a new campaign for your team.

This expansion introduces five new investigators to Arkham Horror: The Card Game along with sixty-four player cards and eighty-seven encounter cards, including an all new exploration deck that presents new challenges for you to overcome as you find yourself falling into The Forgotten Age.

Mythos Packs
  1. Threads of Fate
  2. The Boundary Beyond
  3. Heart of the Elders
  4. The City of Archives
  5. The Depths of Yoth
  6. Shattered Aeons
Upgrade Expansion

Designer: Nate French, Mathew Newman
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Player numbers: 1-2
Recommended Age: 14+
Game Time: 60-120 mins

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This is not a stand-alone product and requires a copy of Arkham Horror: The Card Game to play.